We’re making a difference. And our work is having a positive impact on society to make life more sustainable, healthy, joyful, and convenient. It’s why we’re taking an active part in making great products that enrich our customers lives – and become future business areas of the Melitta Group.


We are a multidisciplinary team of problem solvers. Together, we work to unite two worlds: the soul of a decades-long, family business success; and the agility of a diverse, multi-cultural start-up. And while we are hungry for success, we like to play. Like a game of tic-tac-toe, our first efforts may stumble. But eventually, they also produce game-changing successes for the Melitta Group.


We are active in various business areas that offer engaging perspectives and playgrounds for our group. Our incubator is structured into three product teams. Each of them focuses on a business area related mission. In addition, we have two cross-product teams: the creative solutions team and the business processes team. All of our groups are small, lean, and agile, and they focus on a specific mission:

Sometimes we have news. And sometimes we have epic, earth-shaking announcements.

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