Our Innovations

The first two products developed by 10X Innovation and the innovation team of the Melitta Group are wkup® and ffeel®. Which are currently being marketed and distributed by the 10X Beverages Team.

Other innovative products and interesting projects are already underway. They are either still under development, will soon create their MVP, or are already in production and about to enter the market.


ffeel:® curious

ffeel:® fresh

ffeel:® alive

ffeel® is a natural refreshing beverage of a special kind: Sparkling lemonade meets extraordinarily mild Cold Brew from sustainable agriculture. Whether Cucumber Ginger or Cassis Grapefruit - the unique flavor will definitely surprise you.


The ERA personal coffee universe transforms classic filter coffee making into a personal, immersive experience. It’s a collection of technologies, coffee, accessories, and expert knowledge. It gives you the freedom to create and automate your very own personal brewing profile. Or you can let ERA unlock its own coffee knowledge and do the magic for you. It all comes together in a rich ecosystem of coffee machines, digital platforms, and high-quality coffee beans – for a new way of brewing artisanal coffee that opens up a rich world of new experiences.

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wkup teaser


wkup® COFFEE SHOT is the effective energy drink with purely natural caffeine from coffee beans. Our coffee-to-go impresses with its stimulating effect with the extra boost of natural caffeine from the coffee bean. The Double Espresso Shot tastes like a strong coffee with a slightly sweet caramel note.